How Do You Use Primer to Get the Dewy Skin Look?

We all want dewy skin — and at Lōhm, we believe that dewy skin starts with healthy skin. Some of us want to go the next step with makeup, but when faced with the myriad of products needed to achieve this luminous, supple skin look it’s hard to know where to turn.

You need to start with the right moisturizer and end with makeup and complexion products that create a lit-from-within glow, and there’s one product that impacts your dewy cosmetics more than any other: primer.

The right dewy face primer is the key to the dewy makeup look.

But how do you pick the right dewy-look primer for your needs, and how do you use it? We’ve got the answers based on years of experience and research. This article will cover:

The benefits of dewy primers

The first question is: Why should you use primer? After all, you’re adept with foundation and you know how to use concealer. What’s the point?

Ah, this is where primers can change the whole way you view makeup application, because if you’re going to spend time and money using makeup products to create a look, you need to ensure it all stays put.

In the same way that someone might prime a wall when they paint a house, a primer is used to prepare and secure your makeup. Primers not only make sure that makeup stays flawlessly in place, they can also perform tiny feats of dewy makeup magic. Primers minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, which helps your foundation go on more evenly, reduces shine in oily areas, and delivers an extra dose of luminosity underneath your makeup.

If you want skin that looks like you travel with your own lighting crew, you need to invest in the right dewy glow primer.

How to purchase the right dewy skin primer

Now that you know you want to purchase a good primer, the next question is which one to buy. This is where you want to concentrate on some key aspects of the product. All the top primers have a few things in common that make them an exceptional purchase for makeup artists and the average makeup user alike:

  • They smooth on with a silky texture,
  • are lightweight,
  • and are easy to apply.

You want a product that glides on quickly and feels effortless, instantly delivering a uniform complexion and texture with a luminous glow.

The right dewy skin primer is not only going to help your makeup stay in place, it offers another benefit: it minimizes the amount of foundation you’ll need to apply.

Dewy skin primers come in a variety of formulas and prices, but the same rules run true with primers as with moisturizers — you get what you pay for, so buy the best you can afford.

The best drugstore primer imitates the “slip” and staying power of the more expensive formulas. Formulas like E.L.F. Mineral Face Primer sell at Target around $6, but the gold standard for years has been Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish. Smashbox now offers a Photo Finish Radiance version, which delivers their legendary poreless look with a luminous glow for about $39.

For those seeking more natural cosmetic solutions, you can find dewy skin primers at a variety of price points:

The right dewy skin primer also depends on your skin type.

Those seeking a primer for oily skin — sebum shine isn’t the same as a luminous glow, as many of us have discovered — will want to seek keywords like “poreless” or “skin correcting” as a good guide for purchase.

Individuals with dry skin (or who are dehydrated from travel or harsher climates) will want to look for primers with keywords like “replenishing” and “hydrating.”

But the key to getting the right primer is to ensure the words “luminosity,” “radiance,” and “glow” appear somewhere in the product name and description. You’ll want to avoid any mention of “matte,” which will create the opposite of that coveted dewy look you’re after.

Applying your dewy skin primer

Those with oily or combination skin should apply a pea-sized drop of primer with a clean brush or makeup sponge to avoid contact with dirt and oils from your fingers.

Normal-to-dry skin can use a brush or sponge as well or clean hands, again using a pea-sized drop.

How to use primer to get naturally dewy skin How to use primer to get naturally dewy skin for oily skin

You’ll want to apply the product on top of your moisturizer — and sunscreen, depending on the time of day — and allow it to sink in for a few moments before applying makeup.

Now that you’ve created the base for a youthful glow, you’re ready to prime and prep your skin for the dewy look that will get you noticed.

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