The Sunday Night Ritual of Lōhm Founder, Kristina Libby

Kristina Libby is the founder of Lōhm, the founder of SoCu, Inc and a professor at NYU.

I love Sunday nights. It's this passion for a single night of the week, that made me want to explore what people were doing on their Sunday nights everywhere in America.

Sunday nights unite us.

On Sunday night, every single person that I know is doing something to take care of themselves: whether it is rose and a bubble bath or pizza and their favorite t.v. show. For a moment, everyone everywhere is doing something for themselves.

A Long Dog Walk

For me, Sunday nights mean a long walk with the handsomest dog in the entire world aka my Sheepadoodle Huck. Often this will include a trek to Prospect Park in Brooklyn or to the dog park in our neighborhood. I love being completely disconnected from the world and watching him live his best life as he romps around with all the other dogs.

Homemade Food

After the park, I like to make something really healthy - normally it starts with a meat that I've slow cooked for hours and then pour over rice. My favorite indulgence is to add ripe avocado on top and the hottest, spiciest hot sauce I can find. The best hot sauce is one I found in Grenada that I cannot seem to locate anywhere in the US.

My Favorite Recipe

Pork carnitas are something I came to love while living in Texas. This recipe is so easy, you only need:

  • Pork Shoulder (2 lbs)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Jalapenos
  • Cayenne
  • Chili Powder
  • Garlic Salt

Pat pork shoulder dry. Rub with a healthy dose of all the above ingredients and throw in jalapenos. Put into a slow cooker for six hours.

When finished, pull apart pork and add to a bowl with brown rice, avocado, jalapenos, hot sauce, and, if you like, cheese.

Wash. Soak. Hang. Repeat.

After dinner, I have an elaborate bathing ritual. I double clean my face. I use a variety of products we are testing out because I want something clean, green and effective. After that, I generally take a long salt soak in the bath while reading whatever happens to be catching my attention. Post soak, I apply a natural face mask and wait for it to dry, then I get back to the book I am reading. Often I do this curled up in the perfect throw blanket with Huck cuddled into my side. Finally, I rinse the mask, apply a serum and a moisturizer and tuck into bed early. Like early, early: 9pm.