The Sunday Night Rituals of Rascal Honey Founder Sarah Conley

Sarah Conley is the force behind Rascal Honey, a destination that explores style in an accessible and meaningful way.

A branding consultant with more than a decade of experience in publishing and social marketing, Sarah has written for Teen Vogue, Glamour, Time, and more. With all this on her plate, Sunday night rituals are an important part of her routine.

Her Sunday Night Ritual:

“I have always used Sundays as the day that I pull myself together and set myself up for success in the next week,” she says. “My Sunday routine hasn't changed in years. There aren't many areas in my life where I'm extremely consistent, but this is certainly one of them.

I paint my nails, mask, and take a deep dive into my Filofax. I'll usually watch something lowbrow while I write back to replies to Love Letters, my weekly personal email list that also goes out on Sundays.”

How she sets the mood on Sunday night:

“My mood is all about getting it together for the week aheads. Mondays are typically my most productive day of the week because I take the time on Sunday to focus on what needs to be done and what I want to achieve. It's also when I determine my content priorities, photos I need to shoot, and my Instagram posts for the week.”

Where she goes on Sundays:

“If I'm behind on work or I need a change of atmosphere, I will put in a few hours at the local library.”

How she prepares for the week ahead:

“With lots of ideation and organization! I rely heavily on several tools to organize my thoughts and goals in different ways. Digitally, I use Todoist with Google Calendar integration to keep my day on track. I use my FiloFax to make notations about each day, and within my week's pages, I tear off worksheets from Thyme Is Honey notepads and a weekly goal planner I found in the Target dollar bin. I've fine-tuned my organization needs after years of self-employment, so this is what helps me make sense of my wild brain!”

On Sunday beauty and self-care:

“My mom has always done her nails on Sunday nights, so I adopted that ritual at a young age. Because I write so much about beauty, I'm always trying out new products and methods, but I've always been fond of Jin Soon's incredible formula. I will reach for one of the many sheet masks that I have on hand. It could be the six months I spent in England last year, but I'm partial to masks from Soap & Glory and No 7.

*This interview has been lightly edited and condensed.