The Sunday Night Rituals of Model and Writer Julie Henderson

Julie Henderson is a bicoastal model and actress based in Brooklyn, NY. She’s also a forthcoming author.

I’m a model and actress, so I travel a lot but if I'm home on Sundays I definitely have a ritual: a face one and a hair one. I’m in the process of writing a book about curly hair, so I’m trying out all these really cool masks. Once or twice a month I do this homemade mask I like to call the “Honey on My Head,” but I only do it on Sundays because it’s really sticky and I need to make sure I’m home when I do it.

To start, you'll need Manuka honey – it’s the best, but it is expensive. Then,

  • Melt 1-2 tbsp in a pot on the stove.
  • Don’t boil it t; just make sure it’s room temperature.
  • Add 2 tbsp by sight of olive oil or coconut oil or avocado oil or whatever you have in your kitchen.
  • Mix the ingredients together.
  • Apply the mix to my wet hair.
  • Comb through.
  • Sit under a dryer to apply heat ,

Her self-care ritual

Sundays are hard for me because I'm traveling all the time and I don't exactly have a ritual. What I do focus on when I can are those activities that take TIME: like my hair mask and a Skin by Mamie product called the Trauma Mask. Honestly, I just like to stay at home and eat bacon on Sundays. There’s nothing like bacon. I just stay in Brooklyn on Sundays if I’m home. It’s nice to be at my home base. And eat some bacon. And maybe drink some red wine in the middle of the day. (This alone makes us want to be better friends with Julie.)


Her Insider Trick

I stretch every night before I go to bed. My trainer, Donnie Raimon– he’s actually LeBron James’ personal trainer now - he’s my best friend’s husband and he’s an engineer for the body. I have all these old injuries from when I used to play basketball. So, he’ll measure my body and run all these tests about every six months. Because I'm in heels all day – my back will go out or something will need to be realigned, and Donnie will give me stretches to do at night.
I’m never in any pain if I do my stretches. It takes me about 20 minutes. If I don’t do it, I can feel it in my body.

Her Rule: Take Sundays Off

Rest. I don’t do any work on Sundays. It’s a rule I have, and I try to stick with it most of the time because if I don’t turn off on Sundays then I actually regret it the rest of the week; I start to resent myself for working. I need one free day of not writing my book, not doing any work. And I hate making plans on Sundays. I hate saying I’ll go to brunch because I never feel like doing anything unless it’s impromptu. And I will most likely cancel on somebody if it’s on Sundays because it’s my one day to do whatever I feel like. (Us too!)