Much of the thinking for Lōhm Cosmeceuticals was built on the principles of biophilic design. For those of you who may not know, biophilic design is a design philosophy that connects nature with human design. Biophilic design can reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being, and expedite healing. As the world population continues to urbanize, these qualities have grown increasingly important. Theorists, research scientists, and design practitioners have been working for decades to create built spaces that satisfy our primal human needs.

Lōhm Cosmeceuticals is about finding this hybrid: nature within urbanization, order within chaos, refuge within mystery and risk. It's not about balance so much as it about integration. We often say that it is about finding nourishment within those systems that may deplete us.

Like soil that has been farmed for too long with a single crop, the people all around us end up depleted. This depletion comes from overwork, a lack of neural stimulation, or just sheer exhaustion. For those who are feeling depleted, these principles we’ve developed help to provide a path forward. We built the Lōhm Life Principles to be a guiding force for our community in creating lives that nourish and support us. It is our effort to find integration among the chaos. We hope they also provide you a framework on your path forward.

Find Refuge

We believe deeply that a full life requires periods of and spaces for refuge. Whether that is travel to soul-affirming and visually complex destinations or environments that nestle you in their full hygge glory, everyone has an essential need to find a way to relax, repose, and reinvigorate their mind. In biophilic design, places of refuge provide protection and withdrawal from environmental activities. Think reading nooks, window seats, and egg chairs; but also think Sunday night baths, forest bathing, and ski cabins where cell phone service is lost.

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lohmskincare lohm skin care lohm products

Establish a Connection with Nature

Research shows that connecting with nature is intrinsic to human happiness. And while there are innumerable ways to so, many of us spend little to no time outdoors or bringing the outdoors into our own homes. Not every house needs to have a green wall, but house plants, sunlit reading spaces, and water features help to make your home more natural.

Think about visual connections (e.g., plants), non-visual connections (e.g., scent), lighting that emulates nature, changes in your home that are evocative of the changing seasons outside your home, airflow, water elements, etc. These connection points are a core aspect of improving your cognitive function and emotional well-being.

Find Order in Complexity

Those things that are the most deeply pleasing have both complexity and order. They are information-rich but arranged in a way that is logical and adheres to a known hierarchy. Think libraries. Think all your favorite people who you love having dinner with. People who feel deep levels of personal happiness have sustained curiosity that drives them to be forever storing and sorting new information. An attitude of never-ending learning is one of the most researched and clear ways to drive long-term happiness.

lohmskincare lohm skin care lohm products

lohmskincare lohm skin care lohm products

Embrace Mystery

Seek out mystery. In biophilic design, mystery is the promise of the unknown, and it’s utilized to make the journey through a space interesting for the mind. As in biophilic architecture, so in our lives, where seeking out mystery helps us stay attentive, grow, and drive new understandings of the world around us.

"The living environment is really what sustains us." - E.O. Wilson