In 2017, I was hit with a startling reality — I wasn’t happy, and I hadn’t been for a long time. My skin was tired from late nights spent working rather than sleeping. My energy was plummeting and I just did. not. want. to. do. anything. Instead, I took long walks in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park trying to figure out what did make me happy. The conclusion I reached was simple: I wanted to help those who, like me, were feeling depleted fill back up with the things that made them feel good.

In the end, after carefully studying people — and myself — and asking my friends, it became clear that there were a few things in common that made the people around me happy. They wanted to feel beautiful and they all partook in some form of Sunday Night Ritual that helped them to start the week off right.

Out of this, Lōhm was born.

We are a community of people who understand that healthy living is essential to happiness, and we know that healthy lives start with a paired-down understanding of biophilic living. This entails, among other things, creating specific spaces for refuge, finding order in complexity, embracing mystery, and establishing a connection with nature. We use our Sunday Night Rituals to do just that, whether by reading, watching television, diving inside ourselves to reflect and journaling, trying new foods, or taking time to embrace the natural world around us. This makes us feel beautiful and the place we most see our newfound happiness is in our own skin.

This is why we created skincare products, and sell Sunday Night Ritual products. We believe together self-care and skin-care create happy humans.

Our line of biophilic skincare products with their natural-from-the-inside-out formulations will arrive in Spring 2019, and our Sunday Night Ritual sets and products will be available in Winter 2018.

I hope that each time you wash your face or reach for your Sunday Night Ritual box, you, like me, feel a small sense of our happiness.

Welcome to this community. I’m so glad you found us.


Kristina Libby Lohm Founder